3D printing and CNC

Build Camp 3D Printing

August 11-13 2016

Ambitious Goals for the weekend:

  1. Build a fully operational 3 axis CNC laser machine.
  2. Power the machine up and engrave a complicated shape
  3. Build a 3D printer.
  4. Use a 3D printer to create parts to build the CNC machine or some other amazing project.
  5. Take a computer 3D model and create a physical real world part using CAD/CAM.
Why these goals are so ambitious:
At Build Camp we believe that kids can do hard things. And we believe that hard things are worth doing. When kids do hard things at young ages their capacity to do even harder things increases. Today's youth mostly are not tasked with milking cows, pitching hay, or working in sweat shops. the hardest thing most youth do is choose which app to download or which pair of jeans they are going to wear.
Tomorrows leaders, teachers, mentors, philanthropists and business men and women are going to be people who know how to do hard things. 
Building a CNC machine requires attention to detail, takes ingenuity, skill, and effort. Building an electronics kit teaches fine motor skills, and attention to detail. Programming is similar to learning another language. It broadens the mind and teaches valuable problem solving skills.

3D Printer
A 3D printer uses computerized models to create actual real world parts made of plastic. the parts can be used as prototypes for traditional manufacturing methods. But lately people have began useing 3D printed parts as the final product. We will explore these methods and the pros and cons of each.
If you want to take home your own 3D printer we can provide all the parts for an extra $399 $300!
CNC Laser
Computer Numerical Ccontrol Machines require programming. We will have an instructor who can help kids to understand the program language and set up the CNC machine to function correctly.

Build Camp 3D Printing starts on Thursday, August 11 2016 at 3:00 pm and ends on Saturday August 13 2016 at 7:00 pm. Open to youth 10-18 and Parents. Join now!

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