Fundraising for Kids

Fundraising is an important and valuable way for children and youth to learn responsibility, commitment, a strong work ethic, and dedication. Children should always earn most or all the money required for summer camps, school trips, band, dance or sports competitions, and of course, Build Camp.
Build Camp is dedicated to the idea that youth should learn responsibility and commitment at an early age. We teach youth technical skills that will boost confidence, establish a baseline of productivity, and set the stage for future carreers in STEM fields as well as a myriad of technical fields. As such we suggest that parents who want their kids to attend Build Camp help their children set goals to earn at least a portion of their camp fees. But when you see how easy it is to earn the money through fundraising you might just want to quit your job and join them.

Follow this simple step by step fundraising idea and I promise your kids will be able to earn their own camp fees faster than you can imagine. Our kids have raised over $3000 this way.
  1. Go to a Papa Murphy's pizza store (hopefully there are some wherever you are) and ask for their fund raising cards. They will charge you $1 for each card. Buy 20 cards. (total cost $20) 
  2. Talk to the Manager of a local busy Grocery Store. Smith's, A Fresh, Macy's, and Harmon's will almost certainly give permission on the spot. Walmart requires you to sign a paper and schedule in advance.
  3. Have the kids stand in front of a grocery store and sell the pizza cards for $10-15 each. You have to ask the store manager for permission. 
  4. Hold several pizza cards in your hand.
  5. Ask every person who enters or leaves the store if they would support you.
  6. Use this tried and proven script: "Would you like to buy a Papa Murphy's pizza card? It comes with one large free pizza with one topping, and a free cookie dough."
  7. If they stop to hear you out hold a card out for them to look at and continue: "it also has a lot of other great money saving coupons. We are raising money to attend Build Camp which is a STEM educational summer camp."
  8. Collect at least $10 from them. Be sure to start out with a little change usually a few $10s will be sufficient.
  9. You can sell them for $15. it is a good idea to track how much you make per hour at different prices to find the optimum price.
  10. Don't be shy and don't worry about the people who say no or walk by without even acknowledging you. You will sell enough that it is worth it.
  11. Selling pizza cards door to door is just as effective in $ per hour.
Our boys have made around $80-$100 per hour doing this.

You can also set up a little table with a donation jar and a sign that says "send me to Build Camp." Here is a PDF of one you can use. Donation Jars are very effective. My boys have received upwards of $90 in a couple hours just in the donation jar.

If there is not a papa Murphy's in your area you can try asking other popular restaurants if they have fund raising cards. I know See's chocolates has something and Krispy Kream has something. But we like the pizza cards because they are a great value, cheap inventory and they don't go bad. 

There you have it. That is all there is to it to earn all the money you need to attend Build Camp. Even young kids will do well with this method, in fact younger kids probably do better than older kids.
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