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Do you have a 3D printer yet?

Build Camp 2016 Events

Do you have a 3D printer yet? If you did would you know how to use it? One of the amazing projects we will be doing this year is building a 3D printer. I'm sure you have heard of them but if not: a 3D printer is a cool little device that can take a digital 3D model from a computer program and literally print the digital model into a physical part. they are fascinating to watch and open a whole new world of possibilities for Makers, tinkers, engineers, and DIYers. For example the green parts in the picture of the Aquabot 1.0 below are 3d printed. it was much easier to make the complicated parts in a digital format and then print them for use on the robot. All this and more will be covered in our July 14-16 Build Camp. 
You and your family will be exposed to 3D printing, CNC, Laser cutting and more in this high tech camp. 
Important note: We have negotiated with our contacts and suppliers to provide you with an even better opportunity. for just $299 more you can take home your own 3D printer made by you. To further sweeten the deal we will also discount parents camp fees to $1. yes, you read right. only $1. To recap. 1 child admission $239
1 3D printer kit which we will help you build and set up, $299 (save $100)
1 Parent admission $1. (Save $188)
Guess what. Most places won't even sell you a 3D printer for $539. This is a great deal and $288 less than our regular price.

We also have our robotics camp where you will bring home your own robotic arm, High Voltage camp where you will help build a cool Tesla Coil, And if high tech is not your thing then come to Blacksmith camp. This is a study from where it all began. Blacksmiths were the original engineers and inventors.  We also have 2 up-coming single day camps for younger children (5-9) where we will build the Aquabot 2.0, a water powered robot.
Either choice you make do it now, because as we get closer to summer all our openings will fill up and you might just get Beaten out (ok, it's a bad blacksmith joke).

Get a $500 discount on a family season pass good for up to 5 family members to attend all events. Click here.

Click on titles for more information. All camps are held in Uintah city, south end of Ogden.

Build Camp Jr. May 21st and July 29th 2016 A one day camp specifically for children 5-9 years old. Wood toys, gadgets, and science projects. This year we will build Water Powered Robots. Fun projects for young kids. Reg $139 for child/parent teams and $79 for each additional child.
Build Camp Blacksmith. June 23-25 2016 Get back to our roots by rediscovering the work of the most clever individuals of old days. Learn the basics of setting up a forge, heating metal and pounding it into something amazing. Also build tools with a mixture of ancient and modern technology.  Reg $239 per child, $189 per adult.

Arduino Robotics. July 7 - July 9 Arduino is a mini micro controller (computer processor) that allows you to control inputs and outputs. Want a sensor to automatically water your plants? It can do it. How about a doorbell that tells solicitors to go away? We are going to use it to build a robot arm that can be programmed to play a xylophone or stack cups or assemble legos or anything else you can think of.

Each child will come home with his or her own Arduino controller, robotic arm, and a box of accessories valued over $200.
Reg $399 per child, $189 per parent/adult. (adult price does not include robot. contact Josh to add robot kit.)

3D Printing and CNC Machine. August 11-13
Everyone knows what a 3D printer is, but how hard are they to use? What can you do with them? We will use one to build parts for other projects like our CNC machine and our robots. A CNC machine uses a computer to control a cutter which can cut almost any shape imaginable in wood, metal, and plastic. The problem is they can cost upwards of $500,000. we will build a CNC controlled Laser to engrave and cut parts for future projects.

Reg $239 per child, $189 Per parent or $1 when you add your own printer kit . Build and take home your own 3D printer for an extra $399 $299. Must prepay by June 1st 2016. 

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